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Simple & Delicious Dehydrator Recipes

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Jerky Made Simple
Effort: Moderate  |  Time: 24 Hours  |  Servings: 1-20
This is a simple jerky recipe that can be used with a variety of meats.

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Cheese Crackers
Effort: Easy  |  Time: 4-6 hours  |  Servings: 5-10
Try this delicious recipe for a healthy snack. Kids love it!

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Jerky Bottom Round
Effort: Moderate  |  Time: 10-12 hours  |  Servings: 12-16
If you like our beef jerky recipe, then you'll love jerky bottom rounds!

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Jerky Teriyaki
Effort: Moderate  |  Time: 24 Hours  |  Servings: 1-20
Spice up your jerky with teriyaki flavor.

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Jerky Venison
Effort: Moderate  |  Time: 24 Hours  |  Servings: 1-20
try this recipe for one of the most popular uses of venison.

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