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5-Tray Excalibur w/Timer

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5-Tray Excalibur w/Timer #3526TB

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Regular: $299.95

Special: $249.95

Product code: 86

Availability: In stock

Quick Overview:

  • 5 large trays, 8 sq ft of drying space
  • 26 Hour Timer
  • Adjustable Thermostat 105◦F to 165◦F
  • 5-inch fan, 440 watts
  • 8-1/2"H x 17"W x 19"D
  • Color: Black
  • Made in USA
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Factory Direct Exclusive Model.

    5-large trays, 15" x 15" each. Mesh screens are BPA free.

    26 Hour Timer lets you set it and forget it. Unit automatically turns off when the set time is complete.

    Adjustable Thermostat 105◦F to 165◦F. Temperature range is low enough to preserve active enzymes in fruits and vegetables. Temperature range is also high enough to meet safety standards for dehydrating meat for jerky.

    26 Hour Timer lets you set it and forget it. Unit turns on automatically when timer is in use. Unit turns off when the set time is complete.

    5-inch fan, 440 watts.

  • Includes:
  • Limited 10-year Warranty. Savings of $29.95!
  • Unit Dimensions: 8-1/2 H x 17 W x 19 D (inches)
  • Shipping Weight: 16 lbs. 
  • Made in USA

Available in Black #3526TB or White #3526TW.

Customer Reviews

Review by Nancy Edwards, Bennington, Vermont
Here in Vermont, apples are plentiful and inexpensive in the fall. Although I 'put up' apple sauce, canning is labor-intensive. Dehydrating apples, by comparison, is sheer joy. We use dried apples for snacking, baking pies, and cooking. I dry home-grown herbs, too. Dehydrated foods are easy to store in plastic bags and the whole process is a 'walk in the park' compared to canning. I love it! (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Susan Lutz, Ogden, Utah
One year I sent my father a Christmas present made entirely of dried fruit, fruit and yogurt rolls, and different flavored jerkies. He called me and told me how much he loved the snacks, but best of all that I took the time to make them for him. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Karen Wiese, Sacramento, California
I do alot of backpacking with friends and it's so great to share fruits and vegetables I've dehydrated in my EXCALIBUR - everybody loves them! (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Anna Davis, Master Food Preserver
I've had the EXCALIBUR dehydrator since 1975 and use it year in and year out - thoroughly enjoy it. I slice it (fruit), put it on the trays, and before you know it - it's done! I like dehydrating better than canning or freezing because it's easier, takes less storage space, and the flavor is much better. I make plum jelly and canned plums. I used to throw away the pulp but now I make the most wonderful plum fruit rolls with it in my EXCALIBUR. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Cindy Tufts, Citrus Heights, California
Of the dehydrators I've tried, the EXCALIBUR is the best. I can adjust the shelf height and it's got a great fan that evacuates all the moisture so things really do dry faster. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Melinda Krebs, York, Pennsylvania
My family really enjoys using the EXCALIBUR. There are just so many wonderful things you can do with it. My husband makes all kinds of fruit leathers and jerky for his scout troop outings and we even use it to raise bread dough and pizza dough! (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Francis Weaver, Ash Grove, Missouri
I bought the EXCALIBUR in 1982 and it's still going and doing a wonderful job. Each year I dry "goodies" for the kids at Good Samaritan Boy's Ranch. Dried fruit rollups are always a hit. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Debora J. Brown, Winston, Montana
I liked the features on the EXCALIBUR so much that I sold my round dehydrator, and bough an EXCALIBUR for myself. I can take out the trays and raise bread dough. I couldn't do that in the stackable one. The trays and machine are so easy to clean. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Viola U. Baur, Shelbyville, Texas
We have an Excalibur Dehydrator purchased in the early 70's. It went with us in our 5th wheel travel trailer all over the southern U.S. Dehydrated foods are so lightweight and compact, taste so good and are so handy for RV'rs like us. My mother-in-law is 98 and lives alone. Every 2 or 3 months we send her a box of dehydrated food from our Texas garden. If we didn't have the dehydrator it would have gone to waste. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Marge Nelson, Home Economics Teacher Fair Oaks, Ca
I save a good $50 a week with my Excalibur. I bought pears one year for 10¢ a pound and dehydrated a two-year supply: 400 lbs.! Commercial yogurt costs 59¢ to $1 for a little cup. I buy a gallon of milk for about $2 and make 16 cups of yogurt with my Excalibur. One year a friend gave 10 bushels of pears. We dried them as slices and made fruit leather. For variety we mixed in other fruits and different flavors of Jell-O. The fruit rolls were every color in the rainbow. About six months later my grandchildren discovered them in the cookie jar. They loved them, and I knew that there was no better treat that I could give them. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Ruby Mitchell, Franklinton, North Carolina
This past summer I had the opportunity to use an Excalibur that I borrowed from my neighbor. Even though it was an older model (mid 70's) it was amazing how much better it performed than the round one that I had previously purchased. I tried dehydrating in that round (brand omitted) a few times and was disappointed in the results. It ended up taking space on top of my refrigerator. When I return the Excalibur that I borrowed from my neighbor, I WILL replace it with a brand new Excalibur! (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by John Reynolds, Davis, California
I have diabetes. I can't go out and eat candy bars but I still like a treat now and then. Dehydrated fruits like apples, bananas, and pineapples are very sweet yet they're all natural sugars and I can eat them. They're healthy, they taste very rich and are a wonderful treat. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Mike Rumph, Eldorado Hills, CA
Store-bought jerky is expensive! A little pack at the store is three dollars. But for six bucks, I can get enough London broil to make enough jerky in my Excalibur to last quite a while. It's great for parties. I made a lot for Superbowl Sunday starting at 8 a.m. and I finished by noon. I save on trips, too: I make jerky and we eat that in the car instead of stopping at McDonalds. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Bonnie Thompson, Rancho Cordova, California
As a working mother, I make apple rings, yogurt rolls, or fruit rolls for my kids. The Excalibur makes wonderful, healthy snacks that taste better than anything you've ever gotten from the store. A lot of things from the store have preservatives but when I make them myself, I know what I'm adding. I think healthy snacks and a healthy diet helps kids do well. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Karen P. Lease, Calistoga, California
I have dried flowers, herbs, grapes, sliced tomatoes, plums, strawberries, pears and even persimmons. Drying concentrates the flavor and sweetness of all fruits. I have found no problem storing dried foods, because with my children, there is never any left to store! My son did a demonstration speech at school on the making on "turkey jerky" complete with samples. I don't need to tell you the grade he got. The EXCALIBUR is professional quality and much superior to any other dehydrator. I have tried many over the years. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Evelyn Rosso, North Platt, Nebraska
I have two EXCALIBUR's an ED2000 model , I purchased in 1974, and an ED300, I purchased in 1978. I work at a natural nutrition house in North Platt, and have been able to try some round dehydrators on fruit leathers - that is a no no. The EXCALIBUR is much more convenient. I rate it #1 and I've owned two! (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Julie Klaus, Marion, Ohio
My husband is an avid outdoorsman, so I use my EXCALIBUR to dry casseroles that he can take along into the woods. I love my EXCALIBUR and recommend it to all my friends. I have a day care school and make all of the children's treats with my dehydrator. Dried yogurt taffy is always a hit and is so easy to make that the children can do it. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Dr. George York, Head of Nutrition
With the right equipment, it's easy to dry a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and meats at home. Dehydrators should have adjustable thermostats so you can regulate temperature. They should have fans to move the hot air. They should have good materials and workmanship. We recommend the Excalibur because it has all these features. If you want to dry a wide variety of foods successfully, the Excalibur is a good choice. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Karen M. Slimak, Specialist in food Allergies and
My son was hospitalized with severe food allergies. There were only a few foods he could eat. He wasn't going to make it if we couldn't find many ways to use those few foods. I researched ways to dehydrate foods and make them into products like breads, cookies, and crackers. Ten years later, my son is doing fine. I estimate that in those 10 years I dehydrated 50,000 lbs. of food in my Excalibur! (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Carol Gilwater, North Highlands, California
We're concerned about preservatives and pesticides in canned foods and fresh vegetables. We raise a lot of things in our own garden and dry them in my Excalibur. We don't have to worry about it. I want to live a long time so I try to eat nutritious foods. It's easier if they're dried. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Lani & Dale Little
"My wife's new Excalibur arrived ship-shape on Saturday (super quick shipping, by the way) and she's been happily running it through its paces non-stop ever since: herbs, apricots, and apples. And this is just the beginning. With temperature control and timer, this tool is great! We used to borrow my brother's small, round, cheaper dehydrator, but after cruising through our first batch of apricots in our new Excalibur, we knew we made a great purchase decision. We just wanted to thank you for producing such a fine product; it's a real American winner! And with our 10-year factory warranty, we won't worry about wearing out our sturdy Excalibur any time soon. Thanks again! Lani & Dale Little, Utah" (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by D. Walz
I've had my Excalibur for over 15 years. Its special sound has helped put at least 5 of my grandchildren to sleep for nap time. Excalibur's staff and customer service personel have treated me like family for more than the duration of their world famous 10 Year Warranty. Have you ever taken a handful of unsoaked almonds and put them in your dehydrator at the highest temperature? Seriously, try it! Dry them until they are bone dry, then put them in a sprouting tray to soak. I kid you not, you will be amazed to see them sprout like every other nut you've ever sprouted. Yes, even at the highest temperature. Don't believe what people tell you, prove it to yourself. I love my Excalibur Dehydrator. -D. Walz Customer #7 (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Beulah Lands
I just can't say enough about my dehydrator! It has changed my life. My husband brings home the trophies and I turn 'em into a nutritious meal with the help of my Excalibur. We've done beef, venison, elk and buffalo. Next we're going to try rabbit. It is a top notch product and the people in customer service have helped me out with quite a few suggestions. I tell everybody to buy one and they do. They all love them too. Can't thank you enough! (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Bonnie F.
I though that stainless steel would be a better investment because I had concerns with plastic. Boy was I wrong!! In my stainless steel dehydrator-- made in China- the edges of my food burned and others were not dry at all. The case was so hot to the touch I was concerned about my children touching the dehydrator. I finally broke down and decided to buy an Excalibur at a recommendation of a friend- Boy I’m sure glad I did- it works so much better than the "other" dehydrator and my food actually is dry and not burnt. I wish I would have bought an Excalibur in the first place and not waited my money- Congratulations on a good product. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Candace Barnes
I have had my excalibur for over 4 years now. I use it to make great beef jerky. When London Broil is on sale I buy up about 80 pounds at a time and make enough jerky for gifts for family and friends. I also use my excalibur to dehydrate peppers which I add to my marinade for the jerky. Fruits, herbs and vegetables are also great. It dehydrates in half the time as the round dehydrators. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Nancy Cadwallader
I have used other dehydraters, and they do not dry evenly or thoroughly. My new Excaliber was a pleasant surprise; I make tasty treats without any preservatives and save money while doing so. It's a great way to store food for an extended period of time for later use. The tempature control and timer are right on and a very handy feature. Thank You Excaliber for a product that far exceeded my expectations! (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by BCarroll
I've owned my Excalibur dehydrator since the 1970s. I grow a overabundance of tomatoes every year and I do it on purpose. I dehydrate pounds and pounds of them. After dehydrating, I use a vacuum sealer and make individual bags of dried tomatoes. Then, at Christmas time, I send the dried tomatoes to friends. They absolutely love them. I use the vacuum sealer in tandem with the dehydrator for things that will go in the freezer for longer shelf life (like beef jerky) and for anything else that I want to keep for more than a few months. The vacuum sealer and the Excalibur 9 drawer that I own are a great combination. As far as jerky goes, I made some this year using angus burger meat and it was really almost as good as when I've used sliced roasts. I credit the Excalibur for doing a superb job of dehydrating the jerky. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by LuAnn
We sent away for information through a direct mailing , which we never do. It sounded to good to be true because we had previously purchased one that cost almost twice as much. We decided to take a chance because we needed a new one and it sounded really good. To our surprise it was everything you said it was and more. We are so happy we took a chance because we love it. The $500.00 unit we had previously did not have a timer on it, which makes a big difference. We would recommend this unit to the fussiest customer because it has everything needed to get up and running right out of the box. Thank you (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Bill Davis
I am excited about what you can do with this great machine. I love the way it operates, and the quality of drying it does. It is a must to own this great machine. Bill Davis Empire, Alabama (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Copple629
My mother-in-law had a 5 tray dehydrator that she had for many years before she gave it to us over 10 years ago, that she no longer used. I just love using the dehydrator especially to make venison jerky. It is so easy to use and works very well even though it is an 'older' model. I've got a friend that comes over several times a year to borrow mine too, and he also loves it! I am looking forward to buying a newer and larger one for myself soon and I can then pass this one that I have onto my friend and than we both can dry to our hearts content. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by mjski
I had one of those Ronco round driers. Spent alot of time rotating trays, sorting through dried and not-so-dried. When I got my Excaliber, I put it through it's paces. I have dried meat, bell peppers. mushrooms, and apples. What a pleasure to dry with this unit! No fussing over the trays, other than turning them around to speed drying, and I do that when I'm home. When I put a load in and go to work for 9 hours, the result is nearly as good. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Barbara Passman
I am very new to dehydrating. Interested in using more Living Foods AND in preserving purchased foods. I reseearched and everywhere I read the name Excalbur!.So, I dug into my piggy bank to purchase .Other dehydrators are less costly but being new at this I wanted the most reliable equipment available; I am too inexperienced to tinker! I could not be happier! Hubby and I have enjoyed dried fruits, veggies almost every night. Healthy snacks, food is safely and easily "preserved" and we are not losing fresh fruits and veggiesa anymore as I dehydrate what I know we can't eat quickly. this was a smart purchase! (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Beth Morrissey
I have had my Excalibur 5 tray for almost 30 years. It only had to have it's fan motor replaced once. I don't use it on a regular basis but I swear it is the best dehydrator out there. Today I am getting a 9 tray for veggies only. I will keep the 5 tray for meat. I hate throwing veggies out and I don't want to kill the nutrients by canning. Freezing leads to freezer burn. I am on a metabolic typing diet. Protein, fats, veggies and low carb fruits. I find it hard to buy in small quantities. Organic food is pricey this new Excalibur will pay for itself in no time. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Christy Jenkins
Hey, I have had my unit for 25 years+. I haven't used it for about 7 years it has been in storage, our son is going on a back packing trip so we brought it out of storage and to our amazement it still works. We so far have only had to replace some of the shelves. I can highly recommend you great product and I am so very happy that you are still in business. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Guy Baker
I absolutely love this machine - I've always used the sun to dry a few fruits, but now I can dry virtually anything I want - pulp from the juicer, juice, beans, flower and vegetable seeds, sweet corn, mushrooms (the best morels, picked fresh, washed & dried, reconstituted in seconds), all kinds of fruits, garlic, onions, peanuts - anything! And the really best part about it: It's stuff I grew, so I know where it's from & what chemicals may be in it, and I can store it in light containers & take them anywhere. A meal takes a little water and some seasoning, and no trips to the store for home-prepared summer meals all winter. This is my 3rd or 4th year, and my shelves are needing to be smaller to store more of my goodies, because I'm gradually getting rid of my canned goods, which take up so much room. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by laura
I first tried drying fruits last year, and tried about eight food driers. The excalibur was the absolute best, and it was a 15 year old one. I am waiting to buy one. Laura (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Christy
I bought my Excaliber ED 520/530 dehydrator in the 70's while farming and have put it through rigorous use drying many foods for about 35 years without any problems or raplacements. The fruit leather was always perfect. Our 5 kids are grown, and now the grandkids are drying, fruits, vegetables, and jerky with us. A wonderful reliable product. Thankyou (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by
Hi, I just want to say that Excalibur is the best food dehydrator available. It is something our entire family uses. From strawberry crisps, to beef jerky (my husband does), to banana chips, shoestring potatos and more, our Excalibur is GREAT! Ask us any questions about the Excalibur, [email protected] Thank you Excalibur! (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Jenny
I have been borrowing my grandmas dehydrator that she has had around 30 years for the past two months. I had this machine running nonstop until a week ago. After 30 years the machine quit heating. The excalibur customer service was so helpful. They took the time to troubleshoot the problem and a few days later I was able to quickly instal a $10 fuse and the machine is back up and running. If after 30 years the only thing that breaks is a fuse then you know this is the best machine on the market. My grandma is letting me use hers until I can get my own. She has the 5 tray and I will be getting the 9 tray as I want the larger machine, and I cannot wait. Thanks excalibur for selling such a reliable product and for the awesome customer service you provide. You rock. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Mark Long
I ordered my excaliber so I would be ready for the fall harvest. I never knew Asian Pears could taste so good. This was my first time tasting them dried and I'm hooked. I love making jerky in my dehydrator as well. I just started to experiment with fruit roll-ups. The nine tray dryer is perfect for doing large loads. This is one efficient machine. It was well designed and best of all it was "Made in America". If anyone is just thinking about getting one of these machines go ahead and do it, you'll be glad you did. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Gay Brinkerhoff
I bought my Excalibur through Montgomery Wards catalog almost 30 years ago. My Mother and I bought the 1st one together and we both wanted to use it at the same time, so we bought another one and I still have mine. I have used it for the first 12 years ALL of the time. Then only once in awhile and now my son and I fight over it. So I am giving both of my sons one for Christmas. Thanks for such a great product. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Michelle
Many thanks for offering a high quality dehydrator and for supporting your customers with instructional videos. We have learned much about dehydrating from the videos, and have also enjoyed the many of the recipes provided in the videos. We now start every holiday morning with baked apple pancakes....yum! Thanks again, Michelle in Virginia (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Michael Smith
Hello, I have a 20-25 year old dehydrator that has worked like a champ all this time. This is one of the 5-shelf dehydrators without a timer and just a thermostat. I have used it for jerky, fruit & herbs. It has never failed over all of these years. I just wanted to say this is a very well made product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality dehydrator. If I had to give it a rating, I would give it a 10 out of 10. The only thing that has happened is the top label is peeling slightly at the corners (not too bad for all of these years). A new free label would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for a world class product. Michael Smith (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by colin tennant
I work in Cyprus for the UK and had to have my dehydrator delivered via military postal service. When it arrived, the smell of plastic burning told me something was not quite right! I found that during shipping, the element had come loose and when I powered it up, the element burnt through the fan. Really annoying for me as this is not an easy place to get things to. But, after contacting my supplier, I was then contacted by Excalibur. I asked for a replacement element. but within 10 days, I received a complete replacement back unit. Incredible professional and considerate service and as a bonus the dehydrator is absolutely brilliant!!! buy buy!! (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Crystal K
On a side note for durability, I just bought my first replacement part for a dehydrator that was purchased new in 1978. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Melissa in NY
I had been in the habit of canning my garden harvest. I had been wanting a dehydrator for some time. I figured if i was going to buy one i wanted the best of the best. I had researched and discussed and finally decided on the Excalibur. My husband purchased it for me earlier this year and i was chomping at the get dehydrating. I have been running mine almost daily with the end of summer approaching and the bountiful harvest i am getting. I have made so many mixes, spices, etc. I have made gallons of yogurt at a time that my kids just love. It was the best investment i have ever made. I am telling all my friends about this dehydrator as well as showing them my harvest. thank you so much. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Feather 510
This product literally paid for itself within 48 hrs. of opening the box. Product quality improved drastically using the excalibur. I used to have marginal quality product using natural processes. Once I used the excalibur for the 1st time... I tasted the difference. The end result is a cleaner, better tasting product with original flavanoids intact. My customers agree. *My dream is to own the commercial $12,000.00 unit Thank you Excalibur, Feather 510 (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Dene Brock ~
After trying a number of different brands and styles of dehydrators, I found myself pretty disappointed with the results. Then I learned about the Excalibur through an online friend and decided to give it a try. I am thrilled at the end product from my Excalibur! I use it to dehydrate food from my garden and orchard. I love the fact that I can process so much food at once, without having to rotate the trays. It's easy to clean, is relatively quiet and fits perfectly in the corner of my kitchen. The thermostat allows me to have better control over the drying process which is a big PLUS. Many thanks to Excalibur for creating an amazing product at an affordable price. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by J.E
Just ordered my second Excalibur dehydrator. I purchased my first one back in the 80s.Model ED-600. Have not had any problems with it other than a tab on the door breaking and the trays warping. Used it quite a bit and it is still going! Thank you hope the new one lasts like the old one. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Angela Akridge
I have a very large plum tree that produces massive quantities of fruit every year. After making loads of jam, I have hundreds of plums leftover. So, my dehydrator truly relieves the pressure. I can dehydrate large quantities at one time. Oh, and one awesome thing: even though the plum juice gets all over the screens/trays, I just soak them in the sink for 30 minutes with a bit of vinegar, and the sticky sauce disappears--and I don't even need to scrub. Love it! Also, nice to know that my dehydrator is made locally ... (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by Christine Haering
I am a pastry chef at a country club who often has to make fancy, decorated cookies. The royal icing used to decorate the cookies often takes 6 or more hours to air-dry. My husband suggested that I take our Excaliber dehydrator to work and try it for the cookies. What a difference it has made! It only takes about an hour to totally dry the icing using the dehydrator. Now, we'll be buying another one for home use, since the one at work will be staying there! (Posted on 8/14/12)
Review by John
My Excalibur arrived three weeks ago and after drying thirty pounds of deer meat so far I am absolutely impressed! It took a couple of batches to get the drying time right as I was use to the ever so slow drying my Nesco dehydrator had! (which I gave away) The timer is a great feature as you do not have to babysit it. It drys even everytime and half the time I was use to! Before I purchased my Excalibur I read many reviews and did a lot of searching on many dehydrators and I am certainly glad I did for this is a great dehydrator! I plan to get many years of use from it! (Posted on 8/14/12)

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