Preserves Fruits Quickly & Easily!

Unlike canning or freezing, Excalibur is quick and easy. There's no hot water, no extensive preparation. Just cut, dry and bag your harvest. Dried and bagged produce takes little space, needs no electricity, and keeps just about forever!

Home-dried foods are EVEN BETTER than those in the Health Food Store! Check this for yourself. Read the list of ingredients in commercially prepared "dried" foods. In addition to chemicals used for preservation and other purposes, some may contain saturated fats, indicating that the food may have been fried rather than simply having the moisture removed.

Make your own healthy LIVING FOODS. "Living foods" are healthy foods containing living enzymes. Excalibur's ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT lets you dry foods at temperatures LOW enough to keep enzymes viable. Several leading experts have verified and endorsed Excalibur's ability to preserve living enzymes in properly dehydrated foods.

It's the right approach to every health concern. Whether you have a special health issue or just want to "live right," the Excalibur 3000 Series facilitates a healthy lifestyle. Combined with losing weight and getting more exercise, the Excalibur way-of-eating is a wonderful way to live happier and healthier.

We Endorse the USDA's Plan for Better Health.

The universally accepted USDA Food Guide Pyramid stresses more physical activity, less sugar and fats, moderate meats, and lots of fruits and grains. The FACTORY-DIRECT 3000 Series Excalibur makes this HEALTHY EATING PLAN easy! When your new Excalibur arrives, use our web site, Excalibur Dehydration Guide, and Preserve It Naturally II --The Complete Guide to Dehydration to learn just how easy healthy eating can be!

Trail Mix

What is the most grabbed item on the trail besides insect repellent? Why TRAIL MIX of course. And what about making your own as a sign of sophistication, good taste, economy, and nutrition rolled into one. Granola, kiwi fruit, papaya, mango, peaches, pears, plums, apples; even bits and pieces of fruit leather and yogurt taffy. The list is endless exotic and rewarding. Owning an Excalibur could be as important as owning a good pair of walking shoes to get you to your destination. Save Money! Do-It-Yourself! A 5-oz. bag of trail mix costs about $1.89 at the supermarket. Make your own with the Excalibur for about 75¢.

Power Bars

Talk about a nutritious and powerful treat. Golfers, students, stockbrokers, cyclists, gymnasts, weight lifters, mountain climbers, or anyone on the go. Energy NOW and lots of it. What better way to use your Excalibur than to make your own. Rolled oats, chunks of dried fruit, yogurt, honey, coconut and nuts are just a few of the NATURAL ingredients Excalibur owners are packing into their briefcases and lunchboxes - in their own custom-made POWER BARS. Save Money! Do-It-Yourself! High energy bars cost about $2.89 at the store. Make your own with the Excalibur for about 75¢ each.

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Since 1973, Excalibur has manufactured dehydrators in Sacramento, California.

Dry fruits & vegetables. Dehydrate meat for jerky. Make your own granola. Dry fruit puree into a fruit roll-up. Make all-natural pet treats.

Use for arts & crafts. And much more! Dry it, you’ll like it!


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