What is Dehydration?

What is Dehydration?

For dehydration to take place, two basic conditions must be present:

  • Heat - Enough to draw out moisture
  • Air Circulation - To carry the moisture off and evaporate it. To dehydrate most effectively, the air should be able to absorb the released moisture.


Unlike body dehydration, food dehydration is done with a specific purpose in mind:  to preserve the food from spoiling in the most natural way possible. Properly dehydrated foods can last for months without refrigeration. With the Excalibur Dehydrator, advancements and patented technology with air flow and hyperwave temperature fluctuation makes our dehydrators the most efficient on the market.

Unlike other ways of preserving food, dehydration does not kill or cause deterioration of enzymes. Enzymes are the chemical properties found in all living things that control the growth cycles, causing them to mature &/or ripen. When you have a green tomato and you see it turn red, you are witnessing enzymes in action. What this shows is the action continues after the food is picked. Eventually it will decay. Dehydration suspends the action of the enzymes, putting them into an inactive state until the food is rehydrated (i.e. water is added).


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