What is a Raw Food Diet?

What is a Raw Food Diet?

Have you ever heard someone say they are on a "cooked food diet"?  Probably not.  The fact of the matter is most people do eat raw foods every day.  However, as a pure raw foodist, you eat as much plant based food as you need to feel satisfied.  It doesn't mean you have to give up your favorite flavors, there are plenty of raw meals that taste exactly like traditional cooked foods.

Raw Food is a lifestyle.  It's not a diet.  You don't need to eat raw food all the time to enjoy the health benefits of this lifestyle.  Remember, you are unique.  Different levels of raw are right for different people.  Some once a week, one meal a day, 80% of the time and others always!

A Raw Food lifestyle typically includes unprocessed, unrefined foods.  Fresh, ripe, plant foods and a small amount of lightly cooked vegetables and whole grains.  Organic products are preferred and animal products are typically not included.  Some fully-raw eaters will eat raw fish and raw cheese. Many that are 100% raw don't eat oil or concentrated sweeteners.  Calorie intake is adequate and sugar comes from whole food sources.  Raw vegetable juices are also important.  For more information on juice / juicers, we recommend visiting Omega Juicers.  If you are concerned with not getting enough protein, don't be.  Broccoli and kale have about twice as much protein in a similar 200 calorie serving of sirloin steak!


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