What are the Benefits of Raw Food?

What are the Benefits of Raw Food?

Go Raw for 24 hours or 48 or 72 ... and you'll feel a difference!  What you put in you do get out.

If you give it a serious shot, the benefits reveal themselves very quickly.  It is reasonable to see and feel changes in as little as 24 hours.

You may see clearer eyes, less puffy face when waking up, a difference in skin color, aches and pains may be more slight than before.  And the longer you eat raw foods, the more significant the changes. The body feels alive!

At Excalibur, we do often here from people who have been eating mostly raw food or exclusively raw food for a year or more and say they look 10 year younger than they actually are.  Or that they are rid of aches and pains.  Or that their skin tone and sparkle in their eyes is "back!"  Or that they've lost weight.  In essence, you are replacing your bloodstream with cleaner, better nourished, more “alive” cells.

In fact, there are many real life case studies of people who have recovered from serious illnesses and disease.  However we know seeing truly is believing and that’s where the fun begins!   We urge to experience, to dry it - you'll like it!


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